Marbles are generally made out of glass, steel, agate or clay and are spherical in shape. These spheres differ in size. Marbles are used for a large number of games that go by the name ‘marbles’. Marbles are collected for nostalgic reasons as well as for their bright colours. In the Northern part of England the object and the game is called ‘Taws’. After the use of Codd-neck bottles, larger taws have been named ‘bottle washers’. Today marble games are a valuable source of simple entertainment for children and even some adults.

Marble games were first introduced in the Mohenjo-Daro and Harappan civilization now in Pakistan on the banks of the river Indus. They are also mentioned in Greek and Roman history and there a number of examples of marbles in Ancient Egypt. Ceramic marbles were first inexpensively mass produced in 1870. The marble scissors were invented by a German glassblower in 1846, a device for producing marbles.

Marble soccer games:

Several games are played with marbles. Any game played with marbles can be called marbles. A marble game called grids was popular in the 1970’s in the UK. Yet another modified version of the game as played in Taiwan involves a five holed course and can be played by two to six players, typically played on a hard clay surface. In Canada the game is played using a hole. Two or three people can play this way, either individually or in teams of two. A peculiar form of marbles which used the feet rather than the hands to shoot was played in Southern New Hampshire in the mid 1960s to 1970s.In Australia during the 1950s and 1960s a very common game with variety in its play was “Bunny Hole”. The winner of this game was he who was able to hit the other player’s marbles four times but this had to be accomplished under certain constraints.

World Championship:

Since 1932 The British and World Marbles Championship are being held in Tinsley Green, West Sussex in England. Traditionally the marble games began on Ash Wednesday and lasted until mid-day on Good Friday. It was said that playing beyond this period brought bad luck. More than twenty teams from all over the world participate in the championship every year on Good Friday. Since 2000 German teams have been successful on various occasions. Even though Crowley’s local teams, Cop Thorne and other Surrey and Sussex villages often take part as well, the first championship in 1932 was won by a local team from the Black Horse in nearby Hookwood.

Marbles are grouped by many factors including condition, size, type, manufacturer, age, style, materials, scarcity etc. The worth of a marble is primarily determined by size, condition etc. Marbles are made using many techniques. They were originally made by hand. There were various businesses that made marble in Akron, Ohio.

Marble Video Games:

Some video games based on marble soccer games are: Marble Madness (An Atari game where players race each other to the finish line), Marble Drop (A computer game where players place marbles in a complex apparatus in an attempt to solve a puzzle), Oxyd (A 1991 game for Atari ST, Amiga and Macintosh), Switchball (a 2007 game for PC and Xbox 360) etc. Other games include Ker-Plunk, Hungry hippos, Chinese checkers etc.