Marble game and different types of it

A marble is basically a small and  spherical toy that is made from clay, steel and glass. These balls are of different size. Different games can be played with marbles. There is a marble game which includes drawing of a circle on sand and the players will be taking their turns for knocking the marbles of other players from the circle. The game is quite interesting and attracts a good number of audience. The name of the game is Ringer. The game is Ringer is quite well known among the marble game.

There are also different versions of marble game. One of them is shooting of marbles into various target marbles or into different holes present in the ground like rolly or rolley hole. This game also provides entertainment to the audience. In this particular game aim plays an important role. One need to aim well in order to hit the right spot. On a larger scale Marble game includes turn taking which involves hitting the opponent’s marble in order to win. An important strategy can be of throwing a marble so that it can land on a protected , or harder location in case it misses the target. This proves that application of brain is also needed inMarble game. During 1970’s in United Kingdom there was popular game of marble called Grids The game was quite similar to that of Rolley. Here the objective was to become the first person to land the marble inside the hole. There is also a makeshift board made of manhole grids. The players will start at different ends and will try to thumb-flick the marbles between grid’s raised section towards the removal hook holes. No player is allowed to jump the marble above the raised section. A player can take turns until he reaches the hole. The winner will get the other player’s marble.

During the year of 1950’s and 1960’s a game called Bunny Hole gained huge popularity in Australia. In this game the winner of the game is one who can hit the other player’s marble four times but there are certain constraints under which this has to be achieved. In this usually a hole is dug in the sand or dirt, after that at a distance of 20 feet away a line is marked and then the players would pitch their marbles from the line in order to see who can rest the marble closest to the bunny hole. The player whose marble will rest closest to the hole will go first. Since 1932 every year In UK at Tinsley Green , the British and World marble championship was held. Traditionally the season of marble playing starts on Ash Wednesday and continue till the midday on good Friday, there is a myth that marvel playing after this period brings bad luck. On each good Friday around 20 teams participate from all over the world. German teams are quite successful in the field of Marble game from the year 2000. In the year 1932 the a team from black horse at closeby Hookwood became the winner of the championship and took their name to the world Of history.

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